The quality of recombinant glycoproteins, including antibodies and other biologics, is dictated by their glycan profiles. What is missing is how to analyze these glycans rapidly for process improvement and control applications. This multidisciplinary proposal will integrate improved analytics for high throughput measurements of glycans to develop mathematical and experimental approaches for linking nutrient additives to the final glycan profiles.

How the Project May be Transformative and/or Benefit Society

Categorizing the glycan profile of different glycoproteins will enhance our understanding of the relationship between nutrient composition, bioprocessing and glycosylation. This will enable us to develop a more quantitative relationship between nutrients and profiles based on cell biology. A predictable and rapidly measured glycan profile will likely improve the quality of the products generated and lower biomanufacturing costs.

Site: Johns Hopkins University

Project Leaders: Hui Zhang and Mike Betenbaugh