AMBIC is establishing and maintaining a pipeline of educated and motivated students at multiple levels for careers in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and development. Collaborations with corporate partners enable the students to work on the most pressing problems that the industry faces.

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Current Opportunities for AMBIC Graduates

Engineer Positions:

  1. Scientist (Janssen)
  2. Scientist, Cell Line Development & Protein Expression (Janssen) 
  3. Scientist CAR-T Process Development (Janssen)
  4. Research Associate III (Lonza)
  5. Scientist (AstraZeneca)
  6. Scientist (Amgen)

Post-Doctoral Positions:

  1. Post-Doctoral Fellow (MedImmune)

Co-Op Positions:

  1. Co-Op and Internship Opportunities (Genentech)

Other Opportunities:

  1. Internship for Cell Culture Process Development at Eli Lilly
  2. Assistant Scientist, Cell Line Development and Protein Expression (Janssen) – application period closes September 18, 2019
  3. Process Development Rotation Program (Genentech)
  4. NSF Non-Academic Research Internships