Is your company interested in teaming up with AMBIC?

Join 26 leading biopharmaceutical companies in making AMBIC the single most recognized center of excellence in upstream mammalian cell culture biomanufacturing in the United States while gaining an exclusive competitive edge. The target industry is the biopharmaceutical industry led by large, medium, and small developers and manufacturers of biologics, including proteins and vaccines.

AMBIC is a critical catalyst towards maintaining national excellence in biopharmaceutical production by conducting research in:

  • Understanding Industrially-Relevant Biology (e.g., all -omics, bioinformatics, process and product quality, etc.);
  • Process Monitoring & Control (e.g., analytics, instrumentation, data mining and modeling);
  • Consensus and Standardization Issues (e.g., standards, simple fingerprints, raw material issues, regulatory issues, forensic bioprocessing, clonality).

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Members of your company can come on board as mentors to the academic teams conducting research within these three themes. See the full list of current projects.